So you’ve fallen in love with pole dancing and now you’re ready to level up your game (and style) with your first pair of exotic pole dance shoes! Whether you’re excited to join the mile high heel club or a little intimidated by sky-high stilettos (which is totally normal btw!) we’re here to help.

New students are always curious which shoes to go with when they first start dancing with us at The Dollhouse Fitness and we love helping heel virgins choose their first pair. There’s nothing quite like seeing the sparkle in a doll’s eye and powerful energy shift when they heel up and take those first few slinky stilettoed steps around the pole. OH, it is SO DAMN MESMERIZING!

So we thought why not throw out some advice here on our blog for anyone who’s hot-n-ready to slip into their first pair of sexy pole dance heels.

Below are some helpful tips and even a few links to our personal faves from our preferred pole dance shoe brand, Pleaser.

What heel height should I start with?

Seven inches! While a heel that high can sound a bit scary at first, trust us….the 7” offers the perfect platform size for a minimal incline. So even though they’re taller, a 7” stripper heel is much easier to walk in than a 4” Louboutin.

What’s that you say? You’re dreaming about dancing in 10” monster heels!? You can always start with a 7” and work your way up from there when your strength and balance is on point, you damn size queen *WINK*

Should I start with strappy deliciousness or bad-ass boots?

Ooooh this is tough because we just love them both so much!

Not only will strappy stilettos make your legs twice as long, but they are a great tool for building ankle strength. You can also maximize gorgeous dancer lines by showcasing your pointed ankles and toes.

Boots have their own benefits. They keep your ankles supported and stable. This is especially comforting for anyone with previous ankle injuries. Boots also protect your toes from taking a beating while learning low flow and floorwork. Wanna keep that fresh pedicure looking pretty? Boots got ya covered.

So which one should you get? 


We know, we’re no help at all.

Why the platform heels? Can’t I just wear my regular heels?

Unless you’d like to spend your pole dancing days barefoot, exotic platform heels are the way to go.

They are tools of the craft that help you build strength, balance, and flexibility…all while looking (and feeling) HOT AF! Your ankles, legs, and core will get a serious workout, even when just walking sensually around the pole or across the floor.

Dancing in them, both on and off the pole, increases your flexibility and strength. Just think of them like sexy little ankle weights!

The platform not only makes them easier to walk in than normal heels, but we use the front edge of the platform to slip, slide, and slink around the pole and on the floor. Not to mention they make your legs look super long and gorgeous.


Our Top 3 Picks!

1. Rose Gold Stiletto

Why we love it! Because…ROSE GOLD! Also, the rose gold reflects light, bringing attention to your long lines and making sure no one misses a single heel clack.

Rose gold pole dancing heel


2. Matte Black Bootie

Why we love it! A studio fave and Dollhouse bestseller. There’s just something about matte black that makes us swoon. The matte material is also ideal for floorwork as it won’t stick to the floor like patent boots will.

Matte black pole dance heel boots

3. Classic Clear Stripper Heel

Why we love it! Clear heels are quite simply, a classic! The clear straps and lucite base create the illusion that the heels are extensions of your leg, giving you legs for daaaaaays. Plus, they go with everything…what’s not to love?

Clear heels for pole dancing


Got questions or comments? Reach out. We’d love to connect (and dance) with you!

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