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Pole Dance Playlist for Summer! {Spotify Playlist}

If you dance with us you’re familiar with our performance series that we put on several times a year. If you’re not, get on it ‘cuz it’s SO. MUCH. FUN! This July 2019 we celebrated our 10 year (holy sh*t!) anniversary and we did it in the best way we know how...with...

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Sexy Spring Playlist: Eden Edition

For all you dolls requesting songs from our Eden showcase this past weekend, your wish is our command! Hopefully, these fresh springtime beats will inspire you to move your body. We'd like to thank everyone who was involved from our beautiful,...

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Best Pole Dance Shoes for Beginners!

So you’ve fallen in love with pole dancing and now you’re ready to level up your game (and style) with your first pair of exotic pole dance shoes! Whether you’re excited to join the mile high heel club or a little intimidated by sky-high stilettos (which is totally...

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