This week, we’re celebrating all you badass mama’s out there in the world! So we decided to shine some glittery goodness on one of our own pole dancing mama’s, the beautiful, kind, and so so strong, Miss Erin M.! Erin is a mother and wife, and like many of our Dollhouse babes, has an inspiring story to tell about her pole dancing journey (so far).

Pole dance fitness mom at the Dollhouse Fitness

What inspired you to start dancing with us at The Dollhouse Fitness?

My lovely friend Jamye introduced me to Dollhouse. She went to an Intro to Pole class with me even though she was an instructor-level badass. I feel really fortunate that she was there to support me because going to a pole class for the first time was really scary for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I had been in survival mode as a new mom for so long that I was really out of touch with what I needed for self-care. After having a traumatic birth experience, I was left with both physical and mental scars. I wasn’t able to be intimate with my husband because of physical pain and I hadn’t felt like myself because of severe PPA, PTSD, and generalized anxiety. Dollhouse has been an integral part of my healing process and I feel forever grateful that I found the studio when I needed to re-learn how to love myself.

How does dancing, moving, flying, spinning, grinding, with us make you feel?

Free. There’s something indescribable when you’re able to dance out your feelings whether that’s joy, sadness, anger, or some combination of the three that you can’t put into words. You can communicate and connect through dance on a level that is so instinctive and intuitive.

What is your biggest “OH MY G! I can’t believe I did that!” moment to date?

On my 31st birthday I finally did a jasmine to superman. I completely ate shit because my shorts weren’t short enough (pole dancer problems!) so my thighs couldn’t grip but it still felt real good.

What would be your #1 advice for others who are nervous, curious or even scared to try moving with us at The Dollhouse Fitness?

Just show up. Take the leap! Get in the car. So often people will say that they need to be something else (“stronger” “thinner” “clearer skin” “more confident”) but pole is for every body. You are perfect and beautiful just as you are! As long as you keep coming to class you’ll get better at dancing and tricks and you’ll learn to fly. <3

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