Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a dance background to join?
No. We have a wide variety of classes for all skill levels.
I don’t have much upper body strength; will I be able to do pole?
Yes. Please start with our Intro to Pole class designed for pole virgins just like you. We start out slow with simple conditioning exercises and basic pole moves that will build the strength you need to progress to the next level.
What class should I start with?

We recommend Intro to Pole, Burlesque or Exotic Dance. Learn more here.

What should I wear to class?
Visit the Class Descriptions page for recommendations per class but a good rule of thumb is to always have a yoga mat, knee pads and socks. Shorts are required for tricks classes. Do not wear jewelry, belts, velcro, zippers, lotion or oils.
Is there anything I shouldn’t wear to class?
Jewelry is not permitted in pole classes. Not only will it ruin the poles, but also it is dangerous for the person wearing it. If you have a ring or bracelet that won’t come off please plan accordingly and bring a soft sweatband to cover it.

Oils and lotions will make your pole slippery and your experience less awesome, so best to skip it the day you take pole.

What are exotic heels?
Exotic heels are sexy dance shoes recommended for our Exotic Pole and Floorwork classes. They have a large platform in the front that we use to pivot and slide on. We suggest starting with a basic plastic 6 or 7 inch heel with an ankle strap. Our favorite brand is Pleaser and we keep them in stock for purchase at the studio.

Please note: If the Class description specifies Exotic Heels then other types of heels will not be permitted. We also ask that you not wear heels with studs or rhinestones as they damage the studio floor.

Do I need to bring anything?
Please bring a yoga mat and water.
Can I come in to watch a class?
No. Our studio is a safe place for self-expression and we respect the privacy of our members.
How do I sign up?
Simply pick your first class and register online here.


Do I have to register online or can I just drop in?
Registering online is highly recommended as our classes are small and fill up quickly. We will only allow walk-ins if there is open space in class.

If there are less than 3 people registered 3 hours before the start of a class it will be cancelled. Registering online helps prevent class cancellations, and in the event that it is cancelled we will know to notify you directly.

For easiest booking, download The Dollhouse Fitness App available on iPhone andAndroid.

How do I cancel a class?
You can cancel a class reservation online up to 24 hours before the start of class. If you cancel within the 24 hours it will be considered a “late cancel” and you will still be charged for the class.
What if I’m late to class?
The beginning of class consists of a warm up that is essential to your performance and safety during class, so if you are more than 5 minutes late you will not be able to join and you will still be charged for the class. Please allow yourself time to check in, change, and be ready to start class on time.
Are men allowed to join?

Yes. As long as you are participating fully you are welcome to train with us. In addition to our core group classes we occasionally offer series designed specifically with men in mind. If you’re a guy interested in classes please shoot us an email including your goals and we can recommend the right class for you.