So you wanna have a pole dance party? So do we. Like…All. The. Time! Getting your ladies together for a sensual pole dance sesh is such a fun way to celebrate your birthday or bachelorette. We bet you’ve got questions and we’ve totally got answers. Here are some common questions that we get when booking a pole dance party.

What do we wear?
How much or how little you want to show is up to you! 

What kind of shoes do we wear?
If you’ve never pole danced before, you’ll be gettin’ sexy-sexy with bare feet. Regular heels typically aren’t allowed in pole dance studios. If you want to wear some sexy pole heels, we’re sure as hell not gonna stop ya but make sure they’re platform Pleasers as mentioned in our blog post, “The Best Pole Dance Shoes for Beginners.” But just know that if this is your first pole dance lesson then there’s no need to buy the platform shoes (did we just say that?!). Now, some people in the group may have taken pole dance lessons before so if that’s you or someone in your group, feel free to bring them and be EXTRA. 

Some of us haven’t danced before, what can we expect to learn?
Our bad-ass instructors will love you up with a sassy little warm-up, a tutorial (gotta keep it safe), and some super sexy pole dance choreo. We promise, it’s 110% beginner-friendly.

Will we only be dancing on a pole? Can we learn a strip tease?
We also offer exotic dance, chair and striptease options. Get in touch with us and let’s explore the possibilities!

How long can we party on the pole ‘til?
Dollhouse Fitness typically books 1-hour to 1.5-hour parties. Why? If we’re keepin’ it real, pole dancing is workout. And that’s what you’re gonna get with us–one seriously hot dance workout. The party can also include a little after party celebration with fancy snacks and beverages if you like just make sure to communicate that when booking your party.

How far in advance should we book our pole dance party?
Pole parties tend to book pretty far in advance. We recommend at least a month but if your heart desires something sooner, give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Can we drink alcohol to loosen up a bit before?
Nope. Nope. Nope. Not before. It’s dangerous and a liability. After you’re done dancing, a celebratory sip is a-ok!

What’s the policy on photos and video?
Your instructor will give you the cue on when you can bust your phones out. 

Can we choose the song we dance to and/or have a themed party?
Totally! When booking your party let our party coordinator know any special requests and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

If you’re in the San Diego area (or plan to be) and want to book a private pole dance party reach out to us at The Dollhouse Fitness! We’ve got you covered. 

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Curious about our Dollhouse tribe and want to dance with us beyond your party? Contact us. We’d love to connect with you and welcome you with open arms!