Oh, what gift to get that pole dancer in your life for the holidays? Not to worry. We got you! Our Dollhouse elves know exactly what’s on that holiday wishlist. Let’s get to it! Here’s our very own hand-picked pole dancer’s holiday gift guide with links to make your life a little easier. *WINK*

Dear Santa, Define naughty...asking for a friend. Christmas sign.

#1 – Dollhouse Gift Card (YEEEAHHH!)

Pole dancers love to get their training sessions on and taking classes or even booking 1-on-1 private lessons can really go a long way to help them excel at their passion. So ya… a gift card to the Dollhouse Fitness for some private lessons would be much appreciated. They can also use it towards some fun merch…like {ehem} shoes! Just sayin’.


#2 – Dry Hands

Pole dancers need grip sometimes to help them feel secure and land that trick or spin. A pack of Dry Hands is the perfect stocking stuffer.

#3 – Legwarmers

Baby, it’s cold outside! Legwarmers actually serve several purposes…they keep our legs and ankles warm, the give a little extra knee coverage, and since we love the thigh-high style they end up looking hot and sexy with our heels and pole shorts. The stirrup legwarmers are a must to fit perfectly over their stilettos.

#4 – Knee Pads

These are a MUST! And having several pairs is ideal for pole and exotic dancers for proper knee protection. The knee pads we recommend have a cut-out in the back to allow dancers to grip with the back of their kees during tricks and spins.

#4 – Socks

Another apparel item that serves several purposes. A cute pair of thigh-high socks can be worn with their favorite pole outfit for a cute-sexy style AND they can be used when we like to dance all dreamy-like with a style we call pole skating, threading, and gliding.

#5 – LaCrosse Ball

Stellar stocking stuffer idea! We encourage self-care because pole dancing is an intense workout that requires some serious muscle power. The LaCrosse ball is perfect for rolling tight muscles in the shoulders, back, pectorals, glutes, calves, and feet. Little tip, get them a few…one to keep at home and one for their dance bag.

#6 – Mini Foam Roller

A must-have self-care item for pole dancers. Them muscles need some lovin’ after an intense pole tricks or dance class!

#7 – Phone Stand for Recording

Pole dancers love to record themselves to track their progress or just revel at the moment when they nailed that trick or SLAYED their favorite dance routine. A phone stand will help them set up quickly and get that perfect angle.

#8 – Wireless headphones

Music is a huge inspiration for pole dancers but sometimes it’s less than convenient to play their favorite song during practice time — whether it’s at home or during an open pole session. A set of wireless headphones are the perfect solution for these moments.

#9 – Their Very Own X-Pole!

Go big, Santa Baby! Giving your pole dancer their very own pole to practice on at home has massive benefits when it comes to continued training an conditioning. Aside from a gift cert to Dollhouse, it’s the perfect gift! We recommend X-Pole because they’re the industry leader when it comes to providing a well-crafted, sturdy, and safe pole. We recommend a chrome pole that offers static and spin function (trust us, they’re gonna wanna spin on that baby). 45mm is the standard width but if your pole dancer has tiny hands a 40mm might be a safer bet. While their standard X-pert pole kit will fit most ceiling heights, they do offer different extension kits and mounts for taller ceilings and/or slanted ceilings. Their customer service is top-notch so if you’re not sure, give them a call and they’ll be happy to help you purchase the right pole for your home.

Image courtesy of X-Pole

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